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What We Do

This report was researched, written and prepared by the Center for Justice at UCLA, and students in the Prison Education Program course “TRAUMA & HEALING INFORMED ADVOCACY” 2022 at Victorville Federal Prison and “REENVISIONING THE LAWYER’S ROLE: TRAUMA INFORMED LAWYERING AND RESTORATIVE/TRANSFORMATIVE JUSTICE” 2022 course at UCLA School of Law.

A collaboration between the UCLA Art & Global Health Center and the UCLA Prison Education Program, Up to Us is a series of three fictional 10-minute films written by young people who have been impacted by the justice system. The mission is to provide entertaining and culturally relevant sexual health education in spaces where access to this information may not otherwise be readily available. The program is centered around three topics:

  • Identity and Gender Stereotypes
  • Pregnancy and STIs
  • Consent